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Lead with Greatness, Ditch the Pressures of Perfectionism

Leadership for You, Your Team, and Organization

InnerGenuity was founded to help perfectionist leaders solve the problem of never feeling good enough and always burning out.


As a leader, you deserve to feel accomplished, accepted, and lead from a place of self-love. That's why we created strategic human resources advising, organizational development consulting, and executive leadership coaching. We work with you to create a personalized plan for how to make your organizational leadership impactful without burning out yourself and your team.

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Our Mission is Simple

We want to help you get off the hamster wheel of perfectionism and create a sustainable and genuine leadership style that lets you lead from a place of lasting joy, self-love, and self-acceptance.


As a perfectionist, you’re constantly striving for flawless achievements--running as fast as you can towards goal after goal, having difficulty saying no, or taking time to delegate.


This type of leadership always leads to burnout. You get overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious, negatively impacting your team and organization. It can set up a toxic work culture where team members feel unappreciated or not good enough.


And here’s a secret. You were already born perfect. No amount of achievements, money, or success will change that. By accepting all parts of yourself and learning how to lead from a place of understanding, that’s when you can be your best.

Committed to Excellence

We are committed to serving our clients through tailored services that suit their needs. Whether it’s helping the executive management team achieve unstoppable results, developing the leadership pipeline, or cultivating exceptional employee experiences, we are here to help you make a larger impact.


If you’d like to learn more about how our services can help you or your business, contact us to schedule a meeting today.

Meet Our Founder

Welcome! My name is Elizabeth. As a former practicing perfectionist, I know the struggle you face every day. Trying to grow a thriving company, but finding it difficult to delegate tasks or let go of things because you feel you must do them to ensure they are done correctly. 


It’s my mission to empower perfectionist leaders to stay in their zone of genius and more easily achieve results personally and professionally.

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